Mircha Emanuel D'Angelo

Who am I?

Born to be a Programmer, my first words were 'Hello, World!'.

I'm Mircha Emanuel D'Angelo, a highly skilled Full-Stack Developer and Analyst with experience in a wide variety of business applications. My work philosophy revolves around prioritizing security, employing the latest technologies, and consistently putting the user experience at the center of everything I do. Agile Methodologies and Test-Driven Development are at the core of my approach.

As an enthusiastic and curious professional, I am constantly discovering and experimenting with new technologies, making sure to keep myself updated on the latest trends. My solid background in a wide variety of topics allows me to tackle almost any project with minimal effort in studying specific details and technologies.

My current tech stack includes:


I am well-versed in testing tools like Pest, PHPUnit, Mockery, and Dusk, and have experience developing on and to Kubernetes (certified) and OpenStack (certified).

I work constantly with Laravel, maintaining several open-source projects and contributing to the Laravel community. I have also contributed to the documentation of Laravel-Zero, a project in which I am an expert user.

More about me

To learn more about me and my expertise, feel free to explore my professional Linkedin profile and my personal GitHub profile.

These platforms showcase my background, projects, and accomplishments, providing a comprehensive insight into my skills and experiences.

Where I Work

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